-Elementary Feasibility Study-

     The purpose of this section is to keep the  community informed about the district's Elementary Feasibility Study. During the 2015-2016 school year, Administration conducted an informal study of the enrollment trends and facility needs of Enders-Fisherville Elementary School and Halifax Elementary School. After careful consideration of the information presented below, the Board of School Directors determined a more formal study was needed to determine the options available to address the facility needs of HASD's elementary program.
     A request for proposal for an elementary feasibility study was developed and advertised during the summer of 2016. The Board interviewed three of the six firms that submitted proposals, eventually choosing KCBA of Hatfield, Pennsylvania in September 2016 to conduct the study. Currently, KCBA is reviewing building blueprints, conducting real estate appraisals of both buildings, examining the physical condition of the schools, and interviewing all district stakeholders about the programmatic needs of the elementary schools and facility concerns.
     KCBA will present its initial findings to the community in January 2017 at a public meeting. This section will be updated often as new information becomes available.