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Alumni Association Annual Scholarship Information

  • Each year the Halifax Alumni Association awards a $1000 scholarship to a Halifax High School senior. 
    Scholarship Committee: 
    Krista Harner, Class of 2000, 7Th Grade Literature
    Julie McCarron, 7th Grade English
    Gay Boyer, Class of 1978, Retired Teacher (Life Member)
    Alice Funk, Class of 1965, Retired Teacher (Life Member)
    Charlie Funk, Class of 1965 (Life Member)
    Bill Shoemaker, Class of 1956 (Life Member)
    The essay should contain the following information:
    1. College which has accepted the applicant
    2. Why the scholarship money is essential
    3. What extra-curricular activities the applicant has participated in
    4. What the student intends to major in
    5. The essay should NOT be signed, but will be assigned an identifying number
    The judges shall grade the essays on the following:
    1. Need for money
    2. Essay content
    3. Sincerity
    4. Mechanics of essay
    5. Sentence structure
    6. Neatness of essay