• Halifax Board of School Directors

    BoardDocs- To view the most recent School Board meeting click on the BoardDocs link and you will be able to go through each agenda item, read committee minutes, and view any legislation that was offered.




    Brad Harker             harkerb@hasd.us Director 2019
    Dean Hile                 hiled@hasd.us President 2021
    Ricky Grosser           grosserr@hasd.us Vice-President 2021
    Scott Corsnitz          corsnitzs@hasd.us Treasurer 2019
    Thomas Weber         webert@hasd.us Director 2019
    Donna Rode             roded@hasd.us Director 2019
    Robbie Eyster           eysterr@hasd.us Director 2019
    Trudy Withers          witherst@hasd.us Director 2021
    Nathan Wilbert         wilbertn@hasd.us Director 2021
    Bruce Warshawsky School Solicitor * 2018
    Michael L. Bower       bowerm@hasd.us Board Secretary * 2018


Last Modified on December 13, 2017