Driver Education Information



         In an effort to meet the drivers’ education needs of our students, the school board has approved a new option for the classroom instruction component of the driver education program.  The school has continued to commit funds to help families subsidize drivers’ education.  There are two parts of the drivers’ education program: 

    ·         30 hours of online instruction through an approved provider.

    ·         Behind the Wheel Training provided by the Capital Area Intermediate Unit


    Instruction Options


    Online Driver Education Programs

    o   HASD administration has currently approved two 30 hour on-line programs for students to complete the classroom instructional component of the Driver Education Program.  Both programs are approved by the PA Department of Education and by the PA Department of Transportation:

    § http://www.pausdrive.com/driver-education-online.asp

    § http://www.keystodriving.com/


    o   Classes held on-line and can be taken via any internet connection.

    o   The student must enroll online with the student or family paying the entire cost of the course in to the provider.  

    o   When students submit proof of payment and proof of completion of either course to the High School Office, HASD will reimburse the family 75% of the cost, not to exceed $75.


    Behind the Wheel Instruction Information


    Behind the Wheel Driving instruction is funded by HASD and provided through contract with the Capital Area Intermediate Unit (CAIU).  The CAIU Driver Education program is approved by the PA Department of Education and the PA Department of Transportation.  

    Completion of the Online Program is required before Behind the Wheel instruction begins.

    Students must obtain a Learner’s Permit before instruction can start.

    Students register for six 1 hour sessions in the High School Office.

    Driver’s License test can be taken during the last session.


    Please contact the High School Office with any questions at 896-3416 x 329