ITS (Information Technology Service) @ Halifax

The purpose of Technology at the Halifax Area School District is to provide all students, staff, and the community with the opportunity to develop the skills necessary for success in a technologically driven world. Students have the opportunity to explore and to apply the multiple uses of computer technology with academic skill reinforcement, curriculum-based computer projects, and academic-based use of the Internet, thus increasing the potential for higher student achievement. All students and teachers use technology confidently and intelligently in order to facilitate life-long learning. Students and teachers have the ability to access computer technology in the classrooms, library media centers, computer labs, and with the newly implemented Classrooms of the Future Grant, 78 laptops are available to High School classrooms thereby connecting the classroom to the ever-changing wide world of information. Teachers, administrators, students, and the community work together as a whole in establishing a deep commitment for a collaborative technological learning environment. Technology resources will continue to extend out into the community.

The shared commitment to academic excellence from the community, School Board, administration, and faculty has enabled the implementation of the following technology resources:

Student computer distribution is as follows:

  • HASD High School 197 (includes 2 labs, teched classroom, media center, and 78 CFF laptops)
  • HASD Middle School 60 (includes 2 stationary labs and media center)
  • HASD Elementary 60 (includes 2 labs, media center, and a number of classroom computers)
  • Enders-Fisherville K-1 Elementary 51 (includes 1 lab & approximately 3 pc's per classroom)
  • Computer to Student ratio: 1 computer for every 3.5 students

Every teacher has a dedicated desktop computer or laptop running Windows 7, MS Office 2007 or 2010 Suite.

All classrooms, offices and Media centers have been wired for network and Internet access. In addition all high school and middle school classrooms have access to wireless.

Our students have their own network accounts including storage space on the network. High School students have access to their network files/folders and district applications from home through a secure internet web portal as well as the implementation of Google Apps for Education. Student and staff Internet usage is filtered by LightSpeed Webfilter. Websites that are blocked are categorized in the following categories adult content, violence, games, chat, and hacking. To help our students stay on task, student computers are monitored by our LightSpeed Reporting Appliance.

Every computer in the district is protected against viruses by our LightSpeed software. Virus definitions are downloaded daily and then automatically distributed throughout the district.

The district's technology team responsibilities include maintaining all computers (hardware and software), printers and the equipment that connects them; collaborating with other staff to use information technology to better serve the district; identifying emerging technologies to meet the district’s changing needs; protecting the district’s investment in technology; and providing training to staff on the proper use of software programs and equipment. The team includes a Technology Integration Specialist, an IT Support Technician, and a Technology Support Specialist.

Last Modified on August 29, 2015