Halifax Area High School Clubs 

Welcome to Halifax Area High School's Clubs and Activities Page.

Enjoy your high school years by becoming involved in one or more of the many clubs offered. 

(Club meeting times and locations are announced in the student section of the school bulletin!)

If you need any further information or have questions, please contact the Halifax High School Activities Office at (717) 896-4051. 
ClubAdvisor(s)Meeting Day(s)Meeting LocationDescriptionLimitations
Academic Help ClubMr. McIntoshAny and All Need help on school work or falling behind in a class, stop by or be sent to Mr. Mac for some time to get caught up on school work. 
Acoustics ClubMs. AunkstBBand Room 5-10 by invite only
Advanced PEMr. Hoover and Mr. CzaplickiA and CGymWork it out.30
Aevidum ClubMrs. Crook, Mrs. King  & Ms. AunkstCtbdDedicated to saving the lives of students by creating awareness on teen suicide and depression through school and community wide activities 
AP Literature ClubMr. RuffDM4 AP Students
Archery ClubMr. ShadeB and DA2Archery Club will follow the National Archery In Schools Program guidelines and possibly participate in their state and national level competitions24 Max
Art ClubMr. CrumAArt RoomWe will look at different art movements/styles, read our own art,  drawing skills, create a great environment for pursuing a passion in their own artwork.Art 2 Students or better to stay
Bible Club Mr. HogsettA and/or CA25Student lead Bible centered activities 
Big Cat/Little Cat Mentoring ProgramMrs. RummelCA24Mentoring program with elementary school studentsmembers must apply and be accepted into the program
Campaign 2012 and Current Events in the USMrs. B. Enders CA8Campaign 2012 and Current Events in the US will look at the upcoming election of 2012, the individuals who are part of the presidential race, and the issues impacting the presidential and congressional elections.  The club will also look at current events in our country and how they are impacting the lives of American citizens.Students must stay up to date on current political events in the US and be prepared to have discussions each club meeting.  There may be outside reading involved.
Card ClubMrs. HargenraderA and CM2Enjoy friendly competition of classic card games.  May sign up for only one of two days.  (no poker, no gambling).Max 24
Card ClubMrs. AmorielloB and DB6Enjoy friendly competition of classic card games.  May sign up for only one of two days.  (no poker, no gambling).Max 25
CinemaMrs. HargenraderBM2Popular movies - Rated PG 13 or GMax 25
Cheerleading, Tumbling, & DanceMrs. Czaplicki  DLibraryWork on tumbling, stunting, dance, and work on those back handsprings!.  Members must be physically active and dress appropriately for activity.  current cheerleaders.  Max 25
Communities That Care (CTC) Teen CouncilHeather Crook & Mrs. HowardD  All YearTBAWill meet to organize, plan and execute activities, service opportunities and social events for Halifax area teens that promote a sense of community and personal values. 
Coral Literary MagazineMs. Renner and Mr. RuffAM1Work on submissions to the literary magazine 
Courtyard ClubMr. HogsettB and/or D The goal of this club will be to improve and enjoy our courtyard.20 (juniors and seniors only)
Digital Photography ClubMr. Weaver  A and/or CA7Club for students interested in basic photography. Owning a digital camera is highly recommended but not required. Other costs may include printing, matting and framing.18
Dr. Who Fan ClubMr. LahrB and or DB4All Doctor Who and only Doctor Who.  Mostly new series with occasional classic episodes25
English Language GamesMrs. NecCm3Scrabble, Letter Flip, Apples to Apples and othersMax 27
Family Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA)Mrs. RummelBA24An extension of FCS program, community service activities.  Regional meeting, state conference, and state officer opportunities.Required dues of $15
Fellowship of Christian AthletesMr. BostdorfDTBAFellowship of Christian Athletes is the largest Christian sports organization in America.  Since 1954, FCA has been challenging coaches and athletes on the professional, college, high/middle school and youth levels to honor God through integrity, serving, teamwork and excellence. 
FitnessMr. Hoover   B and D Be serious about lifelong fitness in the new fitness center.20 per session
Foreign Language ClubMrs. AdrianDB9This club would be for students who are interested in preparing the week of activities to celebrate National Foreign Language Week in April.  This includes making posters, planning discovery lessons, working with the cafeteria on the menu, making phone calls, and related responsibilities to make it a fun event.  
Future Business Leaders of America Mrs. Howard & Mrs. PetreskyBC28A national organization for students interested in business or business related careers.  Annual Dues are $15.   
Future Teachers of America (Student PSEA)Mrs. MurrayBC29Students interested in a career in teaching will gain experience working with students and plan and carry out American Education Week Activities, Special Olympics, guest speakers, and our Friendly Feud Assembly.  Past members will have preference
GATEMrs. SchultzB and CC31Gate students can work on annual IEP goals  See Mrs. Schultz for scheduling.GATE Students
Graduation Project/Research HelpMrs. ShadeAComputer LabStudents will receive assistance in researching and in the completion of their senior project.  Please select a homework haven or ask for a pass to the computer lab from your club. 
Hair and NailsMrs. CzaplickiBGirls' Locker RoomWe will experiment with different styles in hair, make-up and nailsGirls Only
Hi - Lite Mr and  Mrs. Crum C and/or DM1School Newspapernone - Some predetermined members
Homework HavenTBAABCDTBAStudents who need a time and place to complete assignments.  Access to the Library and Computer Room will be made available for academic uses.25 students in each room.  Students generally split by grade level.
Intro to Tech Study/TutoringMr. WeaverBA7Study hall for any students in technology related classesmax 18
Junior Class OfficersMrs. King  and Mrs. MurrayA A9Executive session to handle business of the Junior class including fundraising and prom expenditures.Elected Officers Only
Latin American CultureMrs. KolishB and/ or DB8Explore the culture, language and cuisine of Latin America!!20
Letters to SoldiersMrs. SmithCB9Students will correspond with and send packages to our soldiers stationed abroad.  Students signed up for 2 days will have consideration for club officers.25
Letters to Soldiers OfficersMrs. AdrianAB9Club Officers 
Lighting and SoundMs. AunkstAAuditoriumWill receive training on the lighting and sound boards.  Will also assign auditorium coveragelighting and sound is full for 2011-2012
MATH PSSA PREPTBDA-D Juniors in need of preparation for the PSSA tests based on their 4 Sight scores.  Juniors not Advanced or Proficient on the 4Sight Test.
National Honor SocietyMrs. Rummel & Mrs. SchultzDA24Meeting for all current NHS membersMembers only
Principal's Advisory ClubMr. Hatfield and Mr. AnselCTBAHave a voice in Advisory planning, lessons, and student centered school reform initiativesStudents wanting a voice in planning and implementation.
Prom ClubMrs. King & Mrs. MurrayDA9Plan for the 2009 Prom and organize fundraisers.Juniors only (16 + 4 officers)
Reading for EnjoymentMrs. K. EndersA and CB2This club is an opportunity for students to read and sometimes discuss books that they have selected.  BYOB
Reading for EnjoymentMrs. NecDM3This club is an opportunity for students to read and sometimes discuss books that they have selected.  BYOB
Reading for EnjoymentMrs. Stone   BB3This club is an opportunity for students to read and sometimes discuss books that they have selected.  BYOB
Recycling Club (Paper)Mrs. Paul, Mrs. Enders and Mr. Mcintosh B and or Da14Students will collect and recyclables.Small Number
Role Playing GamesMr. McIntoshA and/or CA12Role playing games or dice based games will be played, no gambling games.  All games are student led and initiated.  Only those interested should sign up. Max 27
RUGBYMr. CzaplickiB not made it by the deadline.   
RYOTHeather Crook, Ms. Yiengst & Mrs. KingATBDRallying Youth Organizers Together against Dating Violence & Sexual Assault.  Organizing and empowering club that encourages teen involvement in the movement to end dating violence and sexual assault.  The club will also focus on other forms of interpersonal violence such as bullying and sexual harassment.  This club will teach students through social justice strategy in community organizing and advocacy, and assists them in employing these skills to create meaningful change in their community.   
SAT PREPMr. Kilgore B5  
School Spirit WorkshopMrs. Czaplicki & Mr. LahrCB4Formerly student council workshop, now open to ALL students. Work on projects related to school spirit; such as making signs and posters for sports and working on helping with other large school events like Powder Puff, Relay Day and All-Nighter.  ONLY SCHOOL-SPIRITED PEOPLE WILLING TO WORK SHOULD APPLY!  25
Senior Class OfficersMrs. Rummel & Mrs. EndersAA24Officers meet to make decisions regarding class.  Officers may choose another club A
Skate ClubMr. CrumBArt RoomTalk/Discuss skating, watch video clips, create our won stencils/stickers/board designs, read skate magazines.  We may plan a field trip and run a fundraiser.max 15 students
Stand TallHeather Crook, Jan Tobias-Keiffer & Mrs. KingBB7Pro-active approach to reinforcing healthy behaviors and creating a positive peer influence environment.  Offers education to other students through puppets, rallies, instruction, assemblies, and social events.Some voluntary after school activities. Call 896-3924 for more information.  Essay must be completed.
Student Council General SessionMrs. Czaplicki & Mr. LahrAAuditoriumService to school and community, planning school activities, student governmentstudent must be a member of student council.  Mandatory for all S.C. members
Student Play and MusicalsMrs. HooverBLIBRARYStudents plan and prepare for the Spring Musical ProductionWillingness to help with the spring musical
Writers ClubMr. RuffBM1  
Writing WorkshopMrs. NecAM3Students can bring written projects and homework to this club for time to write and receive tutoring and assistance.Students must work on academic pursuits.  Study hall rules apply.
YearbookMrs. B. Enders B & DA8This club allows additional time to work on the awarding winning Halifax Yearbook!Membership  Fixed/pending advisor approval.
Young Republicans ClubMrs. RuffCtbaPlanning and preparation for Halifax Young Republican Club meetings and activities. 
Zumba for GirlsMrs. HowardA or Ctbdpending availablility of mat room and a/v equiptment 
Non-Club Activities
Small Group CounselingMs. Yiengst, Ms. Curry, Mrs. Rummel, Ms. Aunkst, Mrs. Raudenbush, Mrs. Romberger, Mrs. Enders and othersa,b,c,dtbaBased on student surveys and self-referrals, students will voluntarily participate in small group counseling on issues ranging from anger management to grief and loss group.Groups composed of students based on survey responses

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