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School Store now open

The softball tem is also selling apparel as a fundraiser from March 22-April 2, 2018.  Please show support by clicking here.



The Den Store

















The Den: Halifax’s School Store

“Our Wildcat pride is bona fide!”

About Us:

Welcome to The Den! We are the school store for Halifax Area School District. We first opened last year and are on our second year in business within the high school. We are coordinated by Mr. Kaler (high school Business Education teacher), and run by volunteer high school students. Our aim is to bring merchandise to the Halifax community, while also taking steps to both increase support for Halifax and also to boost school spirit and pride for our wildcats. We currently offer products such as: t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, hooded sweatshirt, ¼ zip sweatshirt, school supplies, spirit merchandise, and auto merchandise.

Our primary goal for this school year has to been to expand and reach customers in other ways. Mid Penn Bank is a major sponsor of our school store and they’ve been very collaborative and supportive of our efforts this year. We’re looking to host an event at some point later this year at the same time Mid Penn Bank opens a new bank franchise up the street from the high school.

Another way, we’re expanding is through our online presence. We realize we’re very limited with staffing and therefore not able to be open for much of the school day. In order to get around that, we felt the best option was to go online and offer products that way. This is also a wonderful opportunity for The Den because it allows us to offer a wider product selection that we can’t afford to carry in stock at our location. So, please go visit our school store to what we have to offer!!

We strive to keep our prices competitive, since there’s a lot of other Halifax merchandise for sale throughout the year. This means our prices are lower and more affordable. All of the profit earned stays in The Den. That means we put our profit into buying new merchandise each year. The profit we earn, the more options we have for carrying newer items.



Currently, the school store is open every day during 8th period.

If you are in a study hall, you may certainly make your way down to the school store to check it out. The middle school students have Discovery at the end of the day, so they will also have the chance to visit us during 8th period.

Additionally, we attend sporting events and offer some of our merchandise for sale there. In the fall, we attended home football games. In the winter, we’ll be attending a variety of home boys and girls basketball games, as well as a few home wrestling matches.

If you would like to check out the school store either before or after school and you’re unable to attend one of the sporting events, please contact Mr. Kaler at:, so that arrangements can be made.


Contact Information:

Mr. Kaler’s email:

Mr. Kaler’s phone #: (717) 896 – 4053 ext. 230

The Den email:

Twitter User Name: HAHStheDEN1


How Do I get Involved:

You must enroll in business courses and/or be a part of the business track within the Wildcat Academy. Additionally, you’ll need to enroll in Career Development in either your junior or senior year. Currently, we’re only taking juniors and seniors as volunteers, since they’ve had more exposure to business courses and are better able to understand the necessary components of staffing and running a business. If you are interested in being a part of the school store, please contact Mr. Kaler at for more information.


David Kaler
717-896-4051 Ext. 230